Chicco Lullaby Stardust Bear
Chicco Lullaby Stardust Bear

Chicco Lullaby Stardust Bear

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Chicco Lullaby Stardust Bear is a gorgeous sleep aid for your child to hug at night. It can be easily attached to a pushchair as a reassuring presence while you're out and about. Your child can enjoy 15 minutes of classical melodies and enjoy the soft night light in their cuddly friend’s belly to soothe them off to sleep or when they wake in the night.

Chicco Lullaby Stardust Bear has 2 modes - light & sound mode or nightlight mode - both of which will soothe and delight your baby. A comforting companion through those early years that attaches to cots, prams and car seats.
  • Depth: 8.5 CM
  • Height: 15 CM
  • Width: 7 CM
  • Soft friendly puppets with lights and melodies to keep the baby company in bedtime
  • Gentle night light on the belly
  • 15 minutes of classical melodies to relax the baby (Mozart, Beethoven and Glinka)
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