Out N About XL Raincover Single Carrycot

Out N About XL Raincover Single Carrycot

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Use Out n About Nipper Single Raincover XL with your Out n About Nipper Single V4 Pushchair. Also use it with Out n About Nipper Carrycot too. It also fits the Nipper Single V1, V2, and V3 as well. It's a great, transparent, PVC coverall in a downpour. Use it to keep your baby dry and out of the blustery wind too in the Winter too. Also, you can use the flap at the top to reach your little one in the Carrycot as well.

This Pushchair Accessory keeps your baby totally cosy in the rain. Attach it from the pushchair handle right over the top of your Nipper Single Pushchair.

Wipe it down with a dry cloth after use too. Then fold it and put it back in its own carry bag.

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