Oyster Lock

Oyster Lock

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Keep your bags securely in place when out and about in your Oyster pushchair with the Babystyle Oyster Buggy Lock.

This handy product is invaluable for keeping your valuables safe & sound when they're hanging on the back of your pram. The foam-covered metal lock works like a regular pram clip, allowing you to attach your bags on the back of your pushchair handle, but the Oyster Lock has an additional 3 number combination lock too, so you can keep your bags in place without fear of theft. Alternatively, you can attach the buggy itself to a fence or railings with it to keep it secured.

The foam covering of the lock helps to protect the handle of your pushchair from any pressure damage, You can easily change the combination to the 3 digit number of your choice so only you can unlock it. The code is automatically set to 000, but when you get the lock, use a sharp object to press the small button inside the lock and whilst pressing, change the numbers on the lock to your desired code then release the button. From that point, the code will be set at that number unless you wish to change it.

Please be careful not to overload bags on the back of your pushchair or it will tip.

- Pram clip with lock
- Strong metal design
- Foam covered to protect pushchair from pressure damage
- Can be used to lock bags to the pushchair or the chair to railings
- 3 digit pin combination lock that you can set yourself
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