Ezimoov Ezi Sun Socks
Ezimoov Ezi Sun Socks
Ezimoov Ezi Sun Socks

Ezimoov Ezi Sun Socks

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EZI SUN SOCKS is a solar car sock. Simply place it on your car window to protect your child from the sun.

Effective, it offers complete coverage of the window and provides good protection against the sun's rays and heat.

Ideally, EZI SUN SOCKS can be used even when the car window is down. Easy to install , EZI SUN SOCKS is designed with a stretchable material allowing you to adapt it to any type of vehicle.

Designed to last over time , the EZI SUN SOCKS will accompany your travels for many years.

Features :

  • Protects from the sun
  • Breathable
  • Expandable, easy to install
  • Covers the entire window
  • Can be used with the window down
  • Dimensions: 43cms high x 90cms wide (PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE MAXIMUM DOOR SIZE MEASUREMENTS)
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