Introducing Babymel Changing Bags

lisa king Baby Babymel Changing Bag


Here at Kings Baby Shop we pride ourselves on delivering the best quality and top of the range baby products to our customers. We are pleased to announce we are now stocking the brand Babymel. The changing bags at Babymel are lovingly designed for the modern parents of today and trusted by parents throughout the globe. At Babymel, becoming a parent doesn't mean you have to compromise your style.

But the big question is, do you need a baby changing bag? And why choose Babymel?

We know that a changing bag is an investment and something you will use for years. As a parent you want a bag that is functional, durable and built to last and Babymel changing bags are just that. They are designed with hardwearing materials and will withstand the test of time.

 Key features of a Babymel changing bag include:

  • A large compartment so it’s easy to access the main part of your bag for everything that you and your baby needs for a day out.
  • Lots of pockets and compartments making it a quick access for those much needed wipes and spare dummies.
  • A light coloured lining that is wipe clean.
  • An insulated pocket for milk bottles and snacks.
  • A changing mat that fits neatly inside the pockets and keeping you more organised.
  • Stroller attachments that are designed for the purpose (hanging a normal bag on your pram could result in premature aging of the straps or breakage).
  • Water resistant and durable outer materials, that is easy to clean and maintain.


As if that wasn’t enough functionality in a changing bag, Babymel also have a ‘loved by parents’ feature including baby wipes dispenser pockets, convertible straps and secure hidden pockets for valuables. As someone who owns a Babymel changing bag I would say it is one of my most-used items and has made going out and about with baby much less stressful. My favourite feature is definitely the pockets! It has made my life so much easier being able to organise baby’s essentials into compartments and knowing where everything is without the inevitable frantic scrabble.

We are delighted to have Babymel in store and we trust the brand in creating timeless and functional designs that will suit your style and keep you organised. Babymel’s core priority is to help make your life as a parent that little bit easier, but making sure you’re doing it with a beautiful bag, always by your side.

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