Nuby Suction Bowl
Nuby Suction Bowl
Nuby Suction Bowl
Nuby Suction Bowl
Nuby Suction Bowl
Nuby Suction Bowl

Nuby Suction Bowl

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Dinnertime is no time for bowl acrobatics! With this 100% silicone, unbreakable Suction Bowl, there’ll be no spills & no mess. Pheww!

  • One-piece suction base keeps bowl in place making it easier for babies to eat more and wear less of their meals
  • 100% silicone, unbreakable Suction Bowl that’s super hygienic and easy clean
  • Insulated to keep food warmer for longer
  • BPA Free

Boxed contents: 1 x Suction Bowl 

There’s nothing worse for a hungry baby than a bowl that keeps running away! That's where this Suction Bowl comes to the rescue! 

It’s one-piece suction base keeps the bowl in place and thanks to the 100% soft-flex silicone that’s awesomely gripping to prevent tipping or dropping, it’s unbreakable too so if your little one does manage to get a hold of it, they won’t cause any damage!

Designed for when your little one is training to chew textures and is exploring new foods (around 6 months plus) the shape of the bowl also makes it easy for your baby to feed themselves too, so they end up eating more & wearing less of their meal!  

The soft silicone is super hygienic, easy to clean (there’s nothing to take apart and nowhere for leftover food and germs to hide hurrah!) plus it’s even, microwave, dishwasher and oven safe!  The silicone means the food you make is insulated too so it’ll cleverly keep food warmer for longer – neat!

Just plonk it firmly on their highchair tray or table, press down in the centre of the bowl with a spoon or fork making sure there’s no air trapped underneath and ta-dah, it should stay put until you say so.  

Here’s to turning messy mealtimes into fun eating times.

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