Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep
Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep
Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep
Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep
Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep
Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep
Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep

Peg Perego Gaucho XP 24v Electric Jeep

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The Peg Perego Gaucho 24v XP is a 2-seater making it great fun for 2 children to go for a ride together. Its capable of a little off roading over fields and up slopes of 17 degrees with ease and the rear axle shock absorbers make it a comfortable ride too.

It has twin seat belts for safety with both seats being adjustable independently of each other making it simple to find the perfect driving position. Plus, it’s easy to drive with a single pedal for acceleration and braking as well as two forward and a reverse gear. 

There are LED lights on the front as well as on the light bar over the seats and it has its own sounds with the horn and start up noises as well as FM radio and MP3 connectivity. The Gaucho XP is completed by beautiful design details: adjustable rear-view mirrors, front frame with mesh grille, antenna, exhaust pipes, fog lights on the protective frame, wheel arches and a large front bumper.

Key Features

  • Switch the lights on… and let the vehicle switch them off!

    Real LED lights in the front lamps and the three roll-bar lamps. The lights switch on by pressing the START button or the accelerator pedal. A battery saver switches them off automatically after 3 minutes of inactivity.

  • Fully-equipped control panel, and more besides

    The horn really does beep and the dashboard with glove compartments takes the game up a notch. The START button switches on the roaring engine sound and the lights. A LED light indicates how charged the battery is, so you can keep your child’s play under control.

  • Multi-functional FM Radio

    The multi-functional FM radio allows your child to listen to 4 pre-recorded tunes or their favourite radio stations through the auto-store function. The radio also has a port for an MP3 player, Micro SD card or USB (not included).

  • XP = Extreme Performance

    XP means Extreme Performance: lots more power, so as to play for longer and travel on any terrain, no matter how uneven. Even on sand, entertainment is guaranteed through a 24V/200Wh rechargeable battery operating two 480W motors.

  • Two forward gears and reverse gear

    The gear stick offers two forward speeds (4 or 8 km/h) and reverse drive. The higher speed can be blocked until your child has grown accustomed to driving.

  • Tool kit

    Fastened on the hood, it contains everything your child needs for a great adventure without any nasty surprises! The tool kit includes toy tools: a hammer, a ratchet, a wrench and a dual screwdriver (flat blade or Phillips).

  • Realistic details

    The adjustable rear view mirrors actually work. Moreover, other intricate details, like the meshed windscreen, front bumper and aerial, make the vehicle one of a kind. Like in a real vehicle, a solid steering rack makes sure your child is never left stranded, and ensures precise, safe steering.

  • Accelerator and brake in a single pedal

    To operate the vehicle, simply press the accelerator pedal. Releasing the pedal will automatically bring the vehicle to a gentle stop.

  • Two-wheel drive and shock absorbers

    High wheels with sculpted tread offer great traction for safe off-road travel, even on gravel and uneven terrain, for adventures without limits! A powerful two-wheel drive allows the off-road vehicle to tackle slopes of up to 17% and to tow the Adventure Trailer (accessory), even when fully loaded. Shock absorbers make for a smooth, comfortable trip, even on the roughest terrain.

  • Adjustable seats and safety belts

    The two seats are independent and adjustable in two positions. The faux leather lining offers extra comfort, and the two adjustable seat belts protect against sudden jolts. Maximum transportable weight: 60 kg.

  • Protective mesh at the rear

    The mesh protects passengers and can be used to carry small items such as a picnic blanket or backpack.

  • Battery and charger

    The vehicle operates with a 24V/8Ah/200Wh battery. The battery can be recharged using a common household socket, either in or out of the vehicle. The vehicle comes equipped with the battery and battery charger.

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