Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump
Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump

Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump

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  • Small, discreet and mighty quiet, this double lightweight electric breast pump with a USB rechargeable power unit gives mums the freedom to express anywhere
  • An extra hygienic closed system ensures every precious drop of your breast milk is collected in the bottle
  • Choose from 5 massage modes that mimic your baby’s latch-on to stimulate milk flow
  • 9 expressing modes provide a more regular and prolonged pumping action to help you comfortably express as much milk as possible.

Tommee Tippee  double electric breast pump gives you loads of pumping power but is compact, portable and quiet enough to use anywhere. A full charge of the lightweight, slimline USB rechargeable power unit gives you 90 minutes of cord-free pump time, wherever and whenever you need it.

The unique MassageTec silicone cups are soft, cushioned and gentle on tender breasts and use massage to stimulate milk flow and keeps you comfortable as you express. With 5 massage and 9 express settings, mums can choose the breast pump option that’s most comfortable for them at different stages of their breastfeeding experience. 

Choose whether you want to use it as a single or double pump at the push of a button and you’re good to go anywhere. Did we mention backflow? No? Because there isn’t any. The hygienic closed system makes sure breast milk only goes into the bottle, nowhere else, so every drop of is collected.

Every mum expresses different amounts at different rates. Whatever your normal is, this pump has an LED screen to show your expressing times.

The Made for Me Double Electric breast pump handset connects to all Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature and Advanced Anti Colic baby bottles. *

All components are BPA/BPS free for total reassurance of a super-safe feed for baby. 

*excludes glass  

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